Bligflicks – subscribe at your own risk!

For the uninitiated: BigFlicks and SeventyMM are India’s major Online DVD rental service offering Free door delivery and pickup.

My friend Deep has written about how SeventyMM Customer Support almost sucks. I also had minor issues with SeventyMM but nothing so big. Compared to what I had with BigFlicks, SeventyMM is much much professional in their Service and Customer Care.

To start with – I was almost happy with SeventyMM for around six months. I had subscribed to their 4 DVD per month (this plan doesn’t exist anymore). This was slightly costly affair, Rs. 40/- per DVD.

Fair and good. But why not an unlimited plan then. I’m such a movie buff, and definitely any store will have stock to feed me unlimited for at least one year. The unlimited plan of SeventyMM was much highly priced at Rs. 550/- per month. I looked for alternative and found two. BigFlicks and Catchflix. Catchflix was more like Pay and rent type, but BigFlicks’ plan was real attractive. One DVD at a time unlimited plan for Rs. 250/-. 3 Months subscription for Rs. 650/-. Even if I manage to rent 10 DVD per month, it would be like Rs. 22/- per DVD.

So why wait. I jumped in. I paid rs. 1050/- (650 for 3 months subscription and 400 refundable deposit). Things went fine for almost for a month. Like SeventyMM. I rarely got movies on top of my queue, but I was happy as long as it’s from my queue. I managed to get almost 15-16 movies the very first month.

Unlike SeventyMM, BigFlicks also have multiple stores. One fine morning – or was it evening? Never mind – I decided to pay up a visit to one of the nearest store, 22 KM away from where I stay and 15 KM away from where I work. It was not kinda huge store, but still okay. They got good collection over there. I had taken a couple of DVDs before making a final decision.

Then I stumbled at what! Prison Break! The whole first season! I was almost in heaven when I was informed by the store guy that they do give the complete series in one go (unlike SeventyMM which never gives you more than two DVD a time). What say, after two minutes, I walked out of the store with 6 DVDs of Prison Break Season One.

It took almost 3-4 days for me to complete the first season. The next one I want, no prizes for guessing, was Prison Break Season 2. But surprisingly it was not available to be added to the queue. Okay, fine. I decided to go with another series – LOST season one – and there started the painful part of my honeymoon with BigFlicks.

I got a couple other movies before they delivered me LOST Season One, disc three. Yes, you read it right. Only one disc. I got a call from the runner (that’s what they call the delivery boy), that he’s gonna deliver LOST Season One at my home. Since I was at office still I asked to give it to my friend. I checked online and the delivered movie was LOST Season One (7 Disc). But when I discovered that in fact there was only one disc delivered, I immediately called up customer care and explained the situation. They offered me a replacement delivery of complete set the very next day. Peace of mind. I’m defensively not going to watch the disc 7 before disc 1-6. Good Night. Sleep Tight.

The very next day they delivered the movie, but not LOST Season One (7 Discs). I dialed up C Care again. the same promise. But this time the LOST Season One was disappeared from my movie Queue. You know why? It was already delivered! I added it again.

Surprise! No delivery happened for next 6 days! I tried almost everything I can do. I dialed Customer Care some n number of times, every time they opened a new ticket. They don’t have a clue what happened to my previous (n-1) tickets! I dialed all their stores in city. I even dialed the mobile number of normal delivery boy to my location!

At last, the seventh day, I took the DVD to my nearest store (mind it, 22 KMs) to return the DVD back (after all I’m the loser in an unlimited plan if no delivery happens!). They were very kendly enough to refuse the DVD. Reason: A runner already had gone for delivery at my home! I tried almost everything but kicking his butt. But he simply refused! Ok. Fine! This is the end. I asked to cancel my account, and they promptly refused that also. The runner needs to collect the DVD from me to cancel the account.

I dialed C Care again. The same old promise. Next day I was delivered Disc 7. I denied the delivery. I got Disc 2 next day and Disc 1 the day after. I was driven mad by then. I made several calls by then, opened several service requests on the website and got the golden gyan. They don’t the whole series as a whole. Only a DVD a time. But the Customer Care repeats the same old promise of single delivery of complete series.

I got to talk to their Customer Relations Manager by then, who tried to convince me understand why they don’t deliver a series as a whole (anymore). I tried to convince him back that their supply chain (at least in Hyderabad) is not intelligent enough to handle series. After a conversation of almost an hour and half he promised me that they deliver one Disc a day, but in the order I add in my queue. So I added up Disc 1 – 7 in my queue and he verified it.

My subscription was due in 7 days (I managed to watch around 10 – 12 movies – including Prison Break DVDs – in my last two months. I told him that my renewal will be based on their service for next 7 days.

The very next day they delivered me Disc 2 Disc 1! This is unbelievable. I was expecting the chain to be broken on 3rd or 4th day. But they are the limits!

I called this guy again – and at last he understood the situation and made arrangement for the delivery of the whole series. Happy at last.

It was a Saturday – and I was mentally prepared to start with LOST Season One. Around 11 AM I got a call that he’s gonna deliver LOST Season One at my home. I confirmed it that it’s the right set that I’m gonna receive. By around 12:30 this guy showed up with LOST Season Two complete set!

I gave up! This is not gonna work. I told him to go back and never come back again. I don’t want any more DVDs. I dropped an email to their CR Manager and updated the state.

He gave me a call by around 4 PM and said that they are going to deliver me the right DVD the same evening. I said I don’t want it and hung up. But they did deliver the same evening – this time the correct set!

By this time I’ve made my mind. After a week, I returned the DVD, called up the Customer Care, and canceled my account. The sweet voice at the other end asked me:

“Why do you want to cancel the account, sir?”

“Your service was so good for me; I can’t catch that!”

Epilogue: it’s almost two months since I had canceled my account, I’m yet to receive my refundable deposit. I already had sent 4 emails on this. Can’t complain – They always sends a prompt response, that they had forwarded it to the concerned department.

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Deep GanatraMay 27th, 2008 at 9:26 am

That’s what the main disadvantage of reliance. They have big money but when it comes to service, they are pretty much in negative level. I was going to subscribe with BigFlix but I am gonna think twice.. I might stick to SeventyMM which is better than the worst.. haha