Jan 2011: Quick Status Update

The Quiz Show Poster

One of the Posters for the Quiz Show

Jan 2011 was (is) a busy month. Hosted two quizzes at work – one for the Junta, and one for the Senior Management at work. Both turned out to be well received ones.

Couple more quizzes lined up, busy preparing them. One for an inter-collegiate technical festival organised by University of Calicut, Kerala, and another for a similar event organised by an Engineering college in Hyderabad, both in Feb. (If you’re a student either from Kerala or Hyderabad, and want to participate, do contact me.)

Poster for Shaam-e-Rang

One of the Posters for Shaam-e-Rang

Also happened was a theatre event called Shaam-e-Rang, staging couple of short plays and monologues. These plays titled Family v2.0 and The Trap was first staged at ITsAP inter-corporate event in December 2010, and won the first prize there. Again, warmly received.

Upcoming are two new productions, for Mar 2011. Auditions for the same will happen this week.