Your Name and Caste Please…

I’m not sure how extensively this has been covered, or ignored by media, or I might have missed this one completely as well, there is this interesting piece of news about Himachal Pradesh police‘s decision to avoid the use of caste based surnames officially . This is perhaps the bravest thing ever done by any police departments (or any Govt. departments) in India, since Independence.

Now I also hear that inspired from this, the police force of Tamilnadu and Kerala are to follow the suit. Brilliant. This could be a slow start, but in right direction. I really hope of a day, where caste became constitutionally illegal.

PS: I was in Bangalore when B.S. Yeddyurappa resigned as the Chief Minister of Karnataka and media was speculating the new man for the post. I haven’t found a single article on whole of Times of India on that subject without a mention of caste based merit. If one has to right a research paper on Kannada castes, they just had to go through that one day’s news paper.