Who is She?

“Just out of curiosity, don’t you think people will believe you’re the girl in the picture? I’m just saying… :)”

Madalina Iordache-Levay asked me that while giving me permission to use her photograph as my display picture. I haven’t had that identity crisis much even since I started using the image as my online avatar, since 2004. Probably because I never used my real name against it. desertwind (after the then favorite Sting single, Desert Rose) was the name almost everywhere online. I picked the twitter handle riyazusman instead of desertwind, since I was late to the party, but decided to keep the avatar. Since no exponential increase in follower count was noticed, I never had thought of replacing it.

And then this happened.

PS: Answer to the question on title: The Red Hat was a series of photographs by acclaimed photographer Madalina.