Life/Wardrobe – A Social Theatre Experimental Project

There has been two primary inspirations for this: Project Unbreakable, a photography project and the play/book Love, Loss and What I Wore. And of course one of the plays I’ve staged, Ji, Jaisi Aapki Marzi.

So, here is what it is. As a woman, you have memories – good, nice, not so good, bad. Some of these memories that you associate with your wardrobe – clothes, shoes, accessories.

Some of these you have shared with your parents or friends. Some you haven’t.

Some you have always tried to bury deep down in your mind, never to resurface. Some you have always wanted to shout out from the rooftops so that the whole world can know.

Stories that evoke a smile at your face. Stories that brings back pain in your heart. Memories from home, from school, from the world around. Memories about parents, friends, strangers, about someone who touched your life.

Have you ever felt that you want to share those stories with anyone? Ever felt the need for a sympathetic ear? Have you ever wanted to share some happiness with everyone? Ever felt the need to take that pain off your chest?

Send me your stories, in writing. You can keep your identity anonymous to the world including me, choose to disclose it only to me or choose to share it with the world. I will tell your story to the world through my play.

Even if your story does not have anything to do with your wardrobe, fair enough. You can still share those with me.

A few points to note:

– You can submit your stories at the contact page or email them at riyazusman [at] gmail [dot] com. DO NOT use comments section at this post to submit your stories. You can use the comments section for your thoughts on this project though.
– I will respect your privacy. You can be anonymous, if you want to be.
– I will be more than happy to credit you on this project. But unless specifically asked to, your identity will be kept anonymous.
– But for a few generic project announcements, I will not contact you back, unless if you want to be and give me explicit permission to do so. If you allow me to be contact you back , you can mention that.
– If you want to be anonymous with me, use the name “Anonymous” and email “” to submit your stories.

Waiting for you to respond.