Bride and Groom


nafyNafee, now 21, was born and raised Palakkad, Kerala. She went to school at SN College, Coimbatore for an Under Graduation in Micro Biology.
Nafee love Sun Rises almost as much as she loves Riyaz.
Nafee is planning to have a career as a micro-biologist once she finishes her Post Graduation in it. She also would like to have a career in teaching (micro-biology). With Hyderabad being a Pharma hot-spot she wouldn’t have much problems in it.
She doesn’t like to move away from Alathur and her family, but is ready for a change.


RiyazRiyaz, now 26, is a first cousin to Nafee. After living for in a couple of cities for a short while, he calls Hyderabad his home now.  A Web Architect by profession, Riyaz has been working with Infosys Technologies Ltd for 3 years.

Riyaz loves to travel, especially with his girl friend, Desert Rose, a bit of 350 cc more for a girl. A wannabe pro quiz master and avid reader, Riyaz would like to spend his life as a fiction writer some time.

He is planning to have a full strength soccer team on his own.