Here are some readymade answers to a few frequently asked questions. Email us or use the contact form, if you have more questions.

Am I invited?

Good question. If you’re visiting this part of my site, most probably you are. Please check your Email Inbox for an invitation mail from either of us.

If you don’t have an invitation from us, and you really think that’s a mistake, please walk-in, and embarrass us!

What should I be wearing?

Well, Kerala is quite conservative in terms of dressing, and you are attending a wedding in a rural area. Just keep this on mind while you select your attire.

Will there be meal options for vegetarians?

Yes. I normally end up liking the Vegetarian options served than the nons.

Should I bring any gifts? Do you have a wishlist? Should I send a cheque?

No. No. No. (Yeah, that’s three ‘No’s). Your presence is more prefferred than your presents. Please don’t give us gifts, so that we can do the same to you. 🙂

First cousins! Isn’t that Endogamy?

In a way, Yes. As long as we’re happy that shouldn’t be anybody’s problem, right? And Endogamy is not quite uncommon in Kerala.

This is my first visit to Kerala. Can I plan a vacation too.

Yes. You should. Check the Local Activities page for some suggestions.

Venue, Er…

I know. We really couldn’t find an auditorium in the vincinity which will fit in all our requirements. And this place is real cool!

I might not be able to travel down. Will there be a reception for us in Hyderabad?

Highly unlikely. You can throw a party and invite us, though!