Doubt: A Parable

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A Leap of Faith, Once in a Blue Moon

Starting with a much delayed deep apology to Venu, who gave me this book for read for a review in exchange.

Who else wondered why would anyone kick the bucket, just like that? Or why you shouldn’t leave no stone unturned?

For me, once idioms were among my worst nightmares of the English homework. How would I welcome a novel which has two in it’s title and use them as its subject?

A Leap in a Blue Moon, by Ishwar Vedam, is more than it’s intriguing title – a play on two popular idioms, ‘A leap in the dark’ and ‘Once in a blue moon.’ It appeals you if you have a fair bit of imagination, that is waiting to be loosen itself from the reality, and fly off.

The novel talks about a girl in her pre-teens, who just like anyone doesn’t like idioms so much. Her ‘Alice’ experience starts when she landed into her own wonderland of Idioms.

A very simple narrative, with clearly kids in mind – LIBM is just not only for kids. It’s simple, fun and fairy-tale enough for young readers, but also racy and absorbing enough for any0ne.  Quite risky for a novel subject, LIBM never have a dull moment.

For the linguistic in you, you can the challenge of spotting all the idioms used in the book, otherwise, if you’re looking for a perfect gift for your kids birthday, add this to your list. If you are like me, who loved reading the likes of Lucky Starr, have a smile on your face, right now.

Yet Another War

MANCH Theatre is doing a comedy play, Business is War!, directed by Truly Yours,  for the Samahaara Hyderabad Theatre and Rock Music Festival 2011, on 18th Dec 2011 7.30 pm at Taramati Baradari.

The tickets are available at BookMyShow and IndianStage.

So, see you there!

Ji, Jaisi Aapki Marzi – Tales of Womenhood

Well, this comes a little late. I was having some troubles with the blog, hence.

MANCH Theatre staged the famous play by Nadira Babbar, Ji, Jaisi Aapki Marzi, at Infosys Hyderabad, with Violina, Antara, Snehal and Neha playing Deepa, Varsha, Sultana and Babli. What should I say, just watch it for yourselves.

Your Name and Caste Please…

I’m not sure how extensively this has been covered, or ignored by media, or I might have missed this one completely as well, there is this interesting piece of news about Himachal Pradesh police‘s decision to avoid the use of caste based surnames officially . This is perhaps the bravest thing ever done by any police departments (or any Govt. departments) in India, since Independence.

Now I also hear that inspired from this, the police force of Tamilnadu and Kerala are to follow the suit. Brilliant. This could be a slow start, but in right direction. I really hope of a day, where caste became constitutionally illegal.

PS: I was in Bangalore when B.S. Yeddyurappa resigned as the Chief Minister of Karnataka and media was speculating the new man for the post. I haven’t found a single article on whole of Times of India on that subject without a mention of caste based merit. If one has to right a research paper on Kannada castes, they just had to go through that one day’s news paper.